The CNB 64, an exceptional sailing boat

Beneteau 62 / CNB 64 - Pilote automatique B&G


Its length (18m), structure sturdiness thanks to its construction method, embedded electronics and security systems, materials quality used and redundant systems (traditional and electronic auto-pilot, bilge pump, GPS,…) ensure this vessel a foolproof security. Being the captain of a boat in which we have confidence is the key to live positively all proofs the sea can, sometimes, inflict to sailors.

Beneteau 62 / CNB 64 - Voilier Sportif


Its Farr design and rode rigging assure this boat responsiveness and amazing speed. By sub-veiling the boat, you will most often average between 8 and 10 knots. For the 2014 transatlantic, we manage to do the crossing in 13 days without ever forcing the sails, without even ever using the spi, the arrival was at Marie galante (2500 NM). Despite its size and weight, its responsiveness remains disconcerting in the small wind.

Beneteau 62 / CNB 64 - Intérieur


The comfort of Alexeo II is a must, especially for a man who must convince his lady: large fully equipped kitchen, 2 fridges, air-conditioning, heating, big bathrooms, cozy and spacious lounge area, etc. The 2 cockpits are an undoubtfull advantage. Maneuvers are no longer constraints for passengers or guests.

Beneteau 62 / CNB 64 - Winch

Ease of operation

The 2 cockpits, the unwind/rewind electric genoa and the large winch park (12) of which 4 electric allow maneuvers without efforts.

Beneteau 62 / CNB 64 - Magnifique voilier

Class and aesthetic

Finally, the Pininfarina design gives this boat a special look and a strong soul, that is the pride of its owner.

The captain

Even this website being dedicated to Alexeo II and not to myself, I would like to share with you my dream and profound motivation for travel and sailing. Moreover, as “happiness only make sense when shared”, I had to find multiple ways for not being alone to live them. The purpose of this chapter is for you to understand the deep soul of Alexeo II.

My dream

As far as I can remember, I was always in search of freedom and discovery. Adventure and sometimes transcendence, which are often a corollary, have always been involved in giving meaning to my life. I have constantly sought and confronted them as much as possible.

As a teenager, I dreamt of travelling the world on a motorbike, boat, by foot or bike, to see, encounter, listen, learn, etc.

Until 46 years old, because one need to work when coming from a modest background and since in life we have responsibilities, I realised this dream by different means while waiting for its ultimate achievement.

Long term is fine but make sense only if short term exists. Until 45, while waiting the ultimate dream realisation, I organised myself numerous travels per year with my family and at least one annual travel with friends. With my family, we have been sailing (with rented sailing boats more than 15.000 NM in mediterranean, the caribbean, atlantic ocean), we have visited a part of Africa with a 4x4. With my friends, we crossed deserts by jeep or motorcycle, the “Tierra del Fuego”, the Alti-plano, we went living in amazon with tribes in very remote areas, climbed several mountains of which roofs of Europe and Africa, crossed oceans, accomplished sports raids, done an offshore sailing race (Québec - St-Malo).

At 45, I could finally starting to realise what is for me the ultimate dream, and for this purpose I bought Alexeo II. Then I made a world tour, mixing sea and land.

For the sea part, my choice fell on Alexeo II that I decided to sell at the end of the trip. This site is dedicated to him.

I chose a boat which has all structural advantages and strength of old sailing boats and all advantages of sailing helps and comfort of modern sailing vessels. Download the brochure, you will find there the full original parts inventory, repair and service history as well as all new parts whose boat has been equipped.


To have the full inventory of original and new parts, and of refit works we invite you to download the brochure. Herebelow you will find the general inventory.

Architect : Bruce Farr & AssociatesDesign
Deck et fitting : Pininfarina
Year : 1993
Material : composite (glass/balsa/polyester)
Overall length : 19,55 m
Hull length : 19,20 m
Length at the waterline : 15,60 m
Bau maxi : 5,20 m
Draught : 2,13 ou 3,05 m
Lest : 7850 ou 6.400 Kg
Displacement : 25.000 Kg
Sail area (Génois/GV) : 210 m2
Gennaker surface : 220 m2
Motor : Perkins 135 hp
Fuel capacity : 520 l
Water capacity : 900 l

Refit 2012-2013

Alexeo II has been fully refited, and most of the major parts were replaced with new material in 2012-2013 (see brochure). Electronic material was added, easing ocean navigation. Finally, the auto-pilot system (Ray marine-furuno from origin) was doubled with new performance B&G material.